Estrada Hinojosa has a broad range of experience with bond financings.  Whether structuring multi-billion transactions for airports and highway systems, or helping a town borrow a few thousand dollars to expand its water and sewer system, or repair streets, the Professionals at Estrada Hinojosa provide the same superior service and attention to detail to ensure the lowest cost of borrowing and sound financial planning to preserve the issuer’s credit rating and debt capacity.  Issuers at every level of government, from state agencies to small cities and school districts rely on Estrada Hinojosa to make their projects a reality in the most efficient manner possible.

To get a better idea of our breadth of experience, click on any of the categories to the left and view a representative sampling of tombstones from previous engagements.  Also included are select Case Studies about unique projects with challenges that were addressed by the Professionals at Estrada Hinojosa and resolved to successfully accomplish the public project needed.  Estrada Hinojosa welcomes an opportunity to address the public finance challenges you face, and get your project completed.


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