Expertise - Public Private Partnership

Financial Advisors
$ 7.4 Billion
Trans Texas Corridor TTC IH35 Corridor Master Financial Plan

Financial Advisor
$ 479.82 Million
City of Dallas Dallas Convention Center Hotel Development Corporation

Financial Advisor
$ 3.83 Million
Brownsville Navigation District of Cameron County, Texas

Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2013

Financial Advisor
$ 400 Million
NTE Mobility Partners

North Tarrant Express Managed Lanes Project

$ 259 Million
New York City Industrial Development Agency

Pilot Revenue Bonds, Series 2009A (Yankee Stadium)

Co-Managing Underwriter
$ 146.865 Million
City of Arlington, Texas

Dallas Cowboys Complex Admissions and Parking Taxes Revenue Bonds, Taxable Series 2006

Co-Senior Managing Underwriter
$ 233 Million
Camino Real Pass Through Toll Agreement