Each public finance project has its own set of challenges and in many cases, complex challenges that demand creativity. The typical approach of “one size fits all” will not get the job done when our clients face unique obstacles in addressing their infrastructure demands. That’s why issuers and corporate clients have turned to Estrada Hinojosa in the past for customized solutions in the financing of important projects. Our Firm has delivered such services as either a financial advisor or bond underwriter. Take a look for yourself at our experience in delivering these services.

Key Advantages

Based on client feedback over the years, here’s a listing of advantages that set Estrada Hinojosa apart:

  • Active principals in the marketing and pricing processes
  • Expertise in Financial Advisory and Bond Underwriting
  • Ability to execute financings from both banking and marketing standpoints
  • Commitment to serve both large and small issuers
  • Knowledge of the latest financing techniques
  • Excellent Investment Banking capacity and competency
  • Established working relationships with key institutional investors both in the Southwest and across the nation
  • Dedicated full-time salespeople to sell institutional bonds
  • Registered representatives licensed to sell municipal bonds
  • Expertise to assist municipal issuers on all financing needs

More on our key service offerings: 

Financial Advisory


Continuing Disclosure

Technical Analysis


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