Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

In today’s Investment Banking environment, financing structures can be extremely complicated. Clients rely on Estrada Hinojosa’s technical capabilities and understanding to navigate the way. Our expertise in the technical area is enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. Our Firm has invested in resources and professionals to ensure we can provide the technical support services you’d expect from a top-tier Investment Banker. 

Modeling Experience

  • Multi-year capital improvement programs
  • Debt structuring
  • Complex project finance transactions
  • Tax increment financing (TIF)
  • P3 initiatives
  • Securitization Finance 

Technical Capabilities

  • Structuring and calculating bond sales
  • Modeling interest rate swaps
  • Monitoring refunding opportunities

Specific Technical Analysis Benefits

  • Provide cash flow models with the flexibility to project tax rate analysis and user charge requirements, bond capabilities based on debt service installments, revenues, expenses, growth or use factors, interest earnings and construction fund drawdown schedules
  • Structure bond payment schedules with level principal, level debt service or level total requirements, on a semi-annual or annual basis
  • Calculate an internal rate of return or “True Interest Cost” and provide present value schedules based on such yields for use in evaluating bids
  • Perform a comprehensive evaluation of refunding selected bonds, with a focus on refunding tax-exempt debt within the limitations that are set forth by the U.S. Treasury Department
  • Evaluate multiple refunding and new money transactions, furnishing complete documentation of complex transfers that take place
  • Identify those bonds which, based on preliminary analysis, would appear to meet the user’s minimum savings target if they were to be refunded
  • Provide a prioritized set of savings reports and evaluate refunding candidates from entire issues or any combination of issues and maturities
  • Structure bond issues with overlapping maturities and multiple bond types