Expertise - Convention Centers/Hotels

Financial Advisors
$ 232.895 Million
City of Dallas, Texas

Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2021

Financial Advisor
$ 9.085 Million
South Padre Island, Texas

Venue Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2017

Financial Advisor
$ 550.37 Million
City of San Antonio Grand Hyatt Convention Center Hotel

Improvement and Refunding Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2012

Financial Advisor
$ 479.821 Million
City of Dallas Convention Center Headquarters Hotel

Hotel Revenue Bonds, Series 2009 A-C

Financial Advisor
$ 389.495 Million
Broward County, Florida

Convention Center Hotel First Tier Revenue Bonds, Series 2022

$ 132.565 Million
Clark County, Nevada

General Obligation (Limited Tax) Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Convention Center Expansion Bonds (Additionally Secured with Pledged Revenues), Series 2019C

$ 20.185 Million
City of Austin, Texas

Hotel Occupancy Tax Subordinate Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2012

Senior Managing Underwriter
$ 254.460 Million
Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel

Hotel Occupancy Tax and Special Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2011 A & B

Co-Managing Underwriter